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Nancy Brophy "The Murder of Daniel Brophy" Ep 074

June 02, 2022 Homicide Worldwide Season 2 Episode 74
Homicide Worldwide Podcast
Nancy Brophy "The Murder of Daniel Brophy" Ep 074
Show Notes

Daniel Brophy was found dead from a gunshot at the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon on June 2, 2018. On May 25, 2022, his wife, Nancy Crampton-Brophy, was found guilty of second-degree murder for his death.

On the morning of June 2, 2018, Daniel Brophy left for work at the Oregon Culinary Institute, where he was a teacher. Students arrived later and found his body in a kitchen, dead from two gunshots. The death was investigated as a homicide.

Investigation and trial of Nancy Crampton-Brophy

Suspicion later fell on his wife Nancy Crampton-Brophy. Ms. Crampton-Brophy had told investigators during the initial investigation that she had walked the dogs and had a shower on the morning of the incident. In 2020, investigators found traffic camera footage that showed her driving to and then departing from the culinary school during a 13-minute window when the homicide happened. Crampton-Brophy amended her story and said she had no memory of such a drive, and that she was likely on a coffee run that she forgot about due to the stress of the day's events. She was indicted and was put on trial for her husband’s murder in April 2022. Nancy Crampton-Brophy was the author of several self-published novels including The Wrong Husband and an online essay titled "How to Murder Your Husband", which increased public and media interest.

At trial, the prosecution assembled a case built on circumstantial evidence that they said indicated Crampton-Brophy was the murderer. They argued that her false account of her whereabouts on the morning of the murder indicated her account was untrustworthy. For motive, prosecutors alleged that Crampton-Brophy was in financial distress and killed her husband for several life insurance policies totaling around $1.2 million as well as sole ownership of the $300,000 house. Forensic evidence indicated that Daniel Brophy had been shot by two bullets from a Glock pistol. The prosecution entered evidence that Ms. Crampton-Brophy had purchased a "ghost gun" kit of parts from the Internet. She conceded that she had bought a slide and a barrel for a Glock pistol via eBay. She contended that the purchase had been made with her husband's support, that she had given the gun to her husband to protect himself while looking for mushrooms, and that the gun components were for research on a new novel involving a woman who carefully acquired gun parts.

Nancy Crampton-Brophy was convicted of second degree murder on May 25, 2022.

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