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Diane and Rachael Staudte "The Antifreeze Murders" Ep 067

April 07, 2022 Season 2 Episode 67
Homicide Worldwide Podcast
Diane and Rachael Staudte "The Antifreeze Murders" Ep 067
Show Notes

The Staudte Family Murders case, also known as "The Antifreeze Murders", was a series of killings and attempted killings within the Staudte Family of Springfield, Missouri during a five-month period in 2012. Family matriarch Diane Staudte and her daughter, Rachel Staudte, committed the crimes together using antifreeze purchased off the internet, with the rationale that antifreeze sold online would not contain the added bittering agent in commercial chemicals making the ethylene glycol poison detectable. Diane's husband, Mark Staudte, was murdered first, followed five months later by her autistic 26-year-old son, Shaun Staudte. 24-year-old daughter Sarah Staudte had also been poisoned with the antifreeze, being taken to hospital in critical condition. Sarah survived the poisoning and later recovered, albeit with physical and neurological damage. Diane Staudte was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 2016, while Rachel Staudte pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in May 2015 as part of a plea deal in exchange for testifying against her mother at her trial, eventually being sentenced in March 2016 to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

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