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Matej Čurko "The Slovak Cannibal" Ep 065

March 24, 2022 Homicide Worldwide Podcast Season 2 Episode 65
Homicide Worldwide Podcast
Matej Čurko "The Slovak Cannibal" Ep 065
Show Notes

Matej Čurko (1968 – May 12, 2011), known as The Slovak Cannibal, was a Slovak murderer, cannibal and suspected serial killer. He was killed by police after attempting to entice a Swiss man to his death, and upon investigation, it was discovered that he had killed and eaten two women who had volunteered themselves to be murdered and cannibalized. Soon afterwards, police from Italy announced that the killer could be responsible for up to 28 other disappearances since 2009.
At the time of the murders, Čurko lived in Sokoľ, and regularly traveled to the Kysak forest, where he would meet and subsequently kill the victims. He met them mainly through suicide forums, using the handle "Orion218". The victims, most of whom had suicidal tendencies and openly professed their desire to end their lives, voluntarily agreed to be killed by the cannibal. The procedure involved the pair meeting in the forest, where Čurko would drug the victim before stabbing them in the heart. Afterwards, he would cut up the body using a meat cleaver or one of his many knives, and mask the odor of rotten flesh using pepper. Then, at his pleasure, he would eat whatever part of the body he desired, storing the rest in his refrigerator in Kysak and burying the bodies in shallow graves on his property.

During the search of his property, only two bodies were discovered: those of 30-year-old Elena Gudjakova, from Oravské Veselé, who went missing on June 23, 2010; and the other of 20-year-old Lucia Uchnárová, from Snina, who went missing on September 3, 2010. Both women had issues with mental health, with Lucia previously attempting suicide in 2008, and both had contacted Čurko through the Internet. Their bodies were later found in shallow graves on Čurko's property.

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Matej Čurko svoje obete dobodal, rozštvrtil, odrezal im časti tela, ktoré zrejme zjedol




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